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Posted:01-November-2018 - Closing Date:28-February-2019


    Internships may be full-time or part-time and the duration varies from one to three months or upon the requested. At the end of internship, you will be required to submit a report describing what you learned from the Internship Program or thesis report (if any).


      ◾  Minimum year 3rd university students majoring in finance, banking, accounting, management, business administration, marketing, IT or a related field 

      ◾  Strong academic background 

      ◾  Honesty, commitment and a willingness to learn and grow.

      Internship benefits

        ◾  Build confidence and skills in communication, team working and relationship building,

        ◾  Learn from the supervision and guidance of Khmer Capital’s professional staff,

        ◾  Gained real work experience to prepare for your future career,

        ◾  Turn your internship into a full time position at Khmer Capital with competitive benefits,

        ◾  Supporting benefit (Ref. Internal Policy of Khmer Capital)

        ◾  Receive a Certificate of Recommendation on successful completion of the program.

        How to Apply

          If you’re interested in applying for internship, please send your curriculum vitae with copies of your academic transcripts to  or or submit directly to our Head Office.


    Head Office

Please submit your CV here

Only PDF file is accepted. And the maximum is 10MB.