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Khmer Capital Microfinance Institution Plc. received license of microfinance institution from National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) on date 28th July, 2017. Our mission is to contribute the financial services in order to improve Cambodian’s living condition. We are a new financial investor to explore of Cambodia potential market by providing financial services in such of personal loan, SME loan, condo and housing loan, and consumer loan with competitive rate. Currently, we plan to boost our business and build internal competence, therefore we are encourage and invite talent and challenge candidates to join our team as following vacancies;
Assist Compliance Manager to develop and enforces effective compliance framework to make sure Khmer Capital Microfinance Institution Plc.’s operations are compliant with laws and regulations especially with National Bank of Cambodia (NBC).
Closing Date: 28-February-2019

IT Supervisor is responsible to assist IT Manager and advise, manage, monitor and supervise Senior IT Officer and IT Officer in Khmer Capital Microfinance Institution be smoothly by using IT critical technical to resolve issues in a timely manner.
Closing Date: 29-March-2019

Is respond to promote Khmer Capital’s products or service and reputation into the public and especially target operation areas in order meet the target plan and appeal high company branding. And s/he also have to gather and analyzes all applicants information inquiry for propose to management or committee for approval
Closing Date: 28-February-2019

Is respond to collect/gather all related source credit application and analyzes all useful information for propose to management or committee for approval.
Closing Date: 28-February-2019